UI Proof Of Concept For A VR Fashion App


In March 2018, I launched my first design sprint to create a proof of concept for a VR fashion app. I find Design Sprints to be extremely useful to prioritise tasks and efficiently manage time, while adopting an iterative approach to the design process. I followed the 5 day process described in Jake Knapp’s Sprint Book:


Setting the Scene

I started off by deciding on the challenge and setting a timeline tailored to my availability throughout the week.



I set a goal to to create and test an 8 screen clickable prototype. Potential issues were addressed, followed by market research to identify the target audience. The next step was to create an interaction flowchart and begin the initial ideation phase.



I kicked off Tuesday by recruiting users for the testing later in the week. This was followed by developing a mood board to inspire the UI. The rest of the day was spent refining wireframes from Monday.



I picked out the best solution from all the ideas generated during the past two days. A UI style guide was developed.



A low-fi clickable prototype was developed on InVision for round 1 testing. Feedback was applied during the creation of the prototype for round 2 testing.



The high-fi clickable prototype was developed and tested remotely with 4 users. Future direction for the project was identified.

Read the detailed case study here.