Instagram For Desktop - A Case Study

Good UI design is more than just an opinion or a perspective. Good UI design gives users well designed ways to input their needs and effective methods that allow the computer to successfully communicate results with the user. In order to understand and evaluate the principles and industry standard tools for effective UI design, a case study was undertaken to design a desktop user interface for Instagram that would allow users to post their images from a desktop or laptop device.
This interface is suggested as a solution for artists and influencers who use desktop software to re-touch or even create their final images and then need to transfer their images on to a mobile device to post on Instagram. 
This case study focuses on UI design and does not document in detail user research, user journey mapping or any other UX processes. A clickable prototype was created to collect feedback from real users and establish future direction. The design process were broken down using Steven Bradley’s Design Hierarchy of Needs and psychological theories such as the Von Restorff Effect, Hick’s Law and the Gestalt Principles of Visual Perception were applied.

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