If Princess Jasmine Ran A Charity For Tiger Conservation: Mobile App UI Design


A 5 day design sprint part of the #DisneyGirlBoss series.

Rajah has been Jasmine’s loyal friend who stood by her side through thick and thin for as long as she can remember. When Jasmine found out that tiger are a critically endangered species with less than 4000 left in the wild, she was absolutely heartbroken. She was enraged when she discovered that the main reason behind dropping tiger numbers was human activities such as deforestation and poaching. She decided to do something about this and set up the Rajah Trust Fund to sponsor worldwide tiger conversation projects. Inspired by her desires to explore the world, she started a volunteer programme to help young people travel the world and make a difference by volunteering with tigers.

Now in its third year, Jasmine saw the need to adapt to the changing digital landscape to appeal to more young people to be aware and volunteer. After conducting some user research, she concluded that a mobile app would be a great solution to increase awareness about tigers and tiger protection.