I'm Aysha Samrin, a multidisciplinary designer with over half a decade of diverse experience in creative conceptualization, digital design, illustration, graphic design, branding, UI/UX and content strategy. Over the years, I've worked with tech startups, solopreneurs, B2C boutique businesses, B2B organizations, nonprofits and design agencies and I've realized that what I'm best at is helping passionate people, early stage start-ups and small businesses turn their ideas into tangible digital products, such as creating a brand identity, a website or content for marketing.

I can bring value to you or your business by:
Are we a good fit?

I enjoy working with solopreneurs, early stage start-ups and small businesses that grow with hustle and passion and I enjoy being a part of their evolving story, helping them push through and thrive.

We could be a great fit if:

I'm probably not the right person for you if:

You need someone to code a custom website or mobile app for you.

You need an animated video with motion graphics and/or other complex effects.

You need someone to write content (such as blog posts, social media posts etc) for you or your business.

You’re looking for someone to run paid ad campaigns.

You need a social media content strategy that will help you drive sales through social media.

You need a virtual assistant who can manage your business’ social presence.


If you like what you’ve seen so far and you’d like to connect with me, get in touch via email or book a free discovery call with me.